Refund Policy

In certain instances you may be eligible for a refund if desired. We hope our products exceed your expectations, but in the rare instance they don't please read this document to ensure you understand our Refund Policy.

Our products can be downloaded and used at no cost for a trial-period of 14-days. The products are fully functional during this time and not restricted in any way. This provides the ability to completely test out the product to ensure it is fit for purpose and understand the job the product is designed to do. Hence:

* Refunds will not be given if a customer changes their mind.
* Refunds will not be given if the customer believed the product performed a different job than it actually does.
* Refunds will not be given if we have incurred significant support costs.

We do understand that mistakes can be made, and generally we will try to refund a purchase regardless of the reason. However we do ask that customers make use of the 14-day trial period, and we reserve the right to adhere to the refund rules specified above.

If a refund is given, the license serial/key for the purchase will be disabled.