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Support of x86 (32-bits) operating systems has been stopped since Keylord 5.0.0.

Select your operating system to download the precompiled Keylord packages:

for macOS
v. 5.0.1

for Windows
v. 5.0.1

for Linux
v. 5.0.1

14 day free trial with full functionality. Compatible with Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint.

Release Notes
v. 5.0.1 released on June 06, 2018

  • NEW Integration with RocksDB
  • NEW Display detail information about Pub/Sub messages
  • IMPROVED Implement “Scroll To The End” and “Clear All” actions in Console
  • IMPROVED Always show cursor in Console
  • FIXED Fix Bold DB crashes on Mac OS systems
  • FIXED Split commands by space and respect quotes (i.e hello “my world”) in Console
  • FIXED Fix execution of CONFIG SET SAVE “” command in Console
  • FIXED Disable auto-enabling discrete video card on MacBook-s
  • FIXED Fixed problem with initialization Console on Linux systems
  • FIXED MSI installer break application during upgrade
  • FIXED Force application shutdown after several seconds after close main window
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