Keylord for Redis, Memcached, RocksDB, Bolt and LevelDB

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14 day free trial with full functionality. Compatible with Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint.
Main window with Redis, Memcached, RocksDB, Bolt and LevelDB connections.
List of connections to Redis Standalone, Redis Sentinel and Redis Cluster

Connection to Redis Standalone, Redis Sentinel and Redis Cluster

Redis is rightfully considered the #1 key-value database in the world. The most worthy of its competitors are not even close to it when it comes to popularity. Keylord works with all modifications of this database: connect by SSH or SSL, view, edit and delete keys of all supported types, open a remote console and much more.

List of connections to Memcached servers

Connection to Memcached

Memcached is one of the first key-value databases that has gained popularity among users and is mainly used for caching. Unfortunately, Memcached does not have a modern GUI interface for viewing its content, but Keylord allows you to view some part of data through a debugging interface (can be useful in the development phase of your application). Additionally, you can open a remote console to it and directly execute commands to receive or change data.

List of connections to Bolt database

Connection to Bolt

Due to its simplicity and reliability, Bolt DB has gained popularity among Go developers. Keylord is the first of desktop clients that learned how to work with this database and supported such opportunities as:

  • create and delete buckets;
  • navigation and viewing the contents of the selected bucket;
  • create and delete keys in the bucket.
List of connections to LevelDB databases

Connection to LevelDB

LevelDB, designed and developed by Google employees, has gained popularity all over the world. And even though it has decent competitors now, it is still used in various popular apps. With Keylord, you can connect to the LevelDB database, view or change its contents.

List of connections to RocksDB database

Connection to RocksDB

Integration with RocksDB has been added since Keylord 5.0.0.

Asynchronous data loading

While other applications still download the list of keys or their values, you can immediately, without the slightest delay, view them. Keylord does not waste your time and produces asynchronous data loading without blocking UI and you. This is very handy if you have a large database with millions of keys or values.

List of loaded keys in tree view

Friendly navigation by keys and values

Finding the right key among the millions of other keys in your Redis database and viewing its value is very simple with Keylord. Just display your keys as a list or tree, filter out not the ones that you don’t need and select the key the value of which you want to see.

Loaded list of different keys from Redis database

View keys of different types

Redis and altrenerative databases can store and process keys of various types such as String, Hash, Set, Ordered Set, List или Hyper Log Log. Using Keylord to view the contents of such keys, add or delete a few values will be simple.

List of active Pub/Sub channels in Redis database

Pub/Sub subscriptions

Redis implement the Publish/Subscribe messaging paradigm (also known as Pub/Sub) but doesn’t provide comfortable GUI for view list of active channels, subscribe/unsubscribe to channels or publish messages. Keylord solve this problem and provide handy UI for typical Pub/Sub operations.

Beautiful Retina User Interface

The easy to use, hi-definition Retina-display UI interface with hierarchical & flat view key browsers, elegant icons, toolbars; a design that belies the extensive functionality hidden within, following Apple’s philosophy of power in simplicity.

Primary window of Keylord application

Supported Operating Systems

You can download and run Keylord on most modern operating systems such as:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • macOS 10.9+
  • Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other Debian based distribute

We have plans to add support for other RPM-based distribute.

Don't waste system resources

Most Web clients for key-value databases work constantly and require a dedicated server. The advantage of Keylord compared with them is that it can be launched from your computer and only when you need it.

Built-in Software Update

Get notified of new releases and fixes and stay updated!

Over 3,000 developers and administrators use Keylord as their preferred Redis GUI client.

I was evaluating your Keylord application for purchase by my company and I was very impressed! I really like the simple, intuitive and beautiful user interface and feature set. I was also evaluating a number of other products for Redis database but thus far Keylord stands head and shoulders above the rest. Floy Kling, Dev-Ops, True Analytics
Keylord is an essential part of our development and dev-ops processes. It has saved us from countless hours of diagnostic problems and is probably one of the most reliable tools we've used. Wallace Robel, CTO, Spark Transport GmbH
The best Redis GUI manager on the planet. Thank you guys, I love Keylord! Emmanuel Reinger, Software Engineer
14 day free trial with full functionality. Compatible with Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint.